Monday, July 14, 2014

The Return

I decided to throw my hat back in the ring this summer and start auditioning again.  Whenever I have had a baby, it takes me about 2 years to start feeling like myself again.  That's why none of my babies are like 16 months apart or 2 years apart or just CLOSE together.  I start feeling good around 8 months post, and really good around 18 months, but not like myself until about a solid 2 years later.  

I like how my hair has grown out and I am happy with my body (I mean having babies TAKES ITS TOLL, BUT considering....) and I like my babysitter!

I went to my first casting last week.  It was like I had never left. Same people, same studio, same business look.  It is quite unfulfilling really, until you book---then it is fun to be on set working.

I saw a girl I have seen repeatedly over the years and I asked myself--has she been doing this all this time I was on break?  Are people just doing this day in and day out the same thing over and over and over again? I realized how monotonous it is.  And just like that, that long break of mine, had me wishing for another.

On a more large-scale-umbrella effect plane---(plain?)---I like the business because it motivates me to be my best self, be professional, not lose sight of that part of me that is not a mother--keep up my appearances and brain ....but small scale me is pretty tired of it all.

I worked my first acting job a few weeks ago and it was nice to be on set reading my lines and doing my job.  I liked it.  I like the challenge of reading pages and pages of copy without making a mistake. I like getting paid to do a's just the GETTING the job part that leaves much to be desired.

So I will see how the summer goes...see if I get holds or bookings or a national network commercial---or a miracle---be the next Flo or Jan (toyota) or Can you hear me now?  I have never really auditioned with this long hair so I am interested to see how that is a game changer as well.

I will keep you posted and maybe you will see me on the tube or in a magazine---anybody still read those?

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