Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Business

There are 3 days this summer in which our family is a bit separated.  And of course, the first of those three days is a family callback for a national network commercial.

I cannot believe my first audition back (after breaking the entire school year) is one that involves my children and that the callback has one of them gone away to camp.  I am already bribing the second one to miss the morning of her day camp so that she can attend the callback with me.  It would be so amazing if we booked this not only for triple or quadruple residual, but also a trip to LA to shoot the commercial!

This seems to happen all the time--whenever something gets scheduled that is exciting on a personal level, the business always tries to nudge its way in.  Maybe it will work out and we still book it.  Maybe they will see us again today and all agree that we are not right for the job.  It is just the anxiety/worry in between the 5 minutes we spent in the room last week and the 5 minutes we will spend today, that I loathe.

It's just that every time a potential booking is on the horizon, the agents and casting and everybody gets a little freaky because they want the booking too!  So I am trying not to be freaky today, just go with the flow.  I keep reminding myself that there is a reason I took a break and there is a reason my kids aren't in the business anymore, and that reason is so that we can enjoy life and be human and not let potential (not even DEFINITE) jobs get in the way of camp!

And let's say I hadn't started auditioning again this summer? I never would have even known this potential job was happening! That's a mental game I have to play all the time. I will see spots on tv, and wonder if I would have auditioned for that and IF I would have booked it....I am pretty good at stopping that train of thought...but this time it's bugging me.

The moral of the story is that I am a control freak! I want to be able to control this situation more than I can....but there is NOTHING I can change and that may mean that we don't book it.  But we could have just as easily not booked it for some other reason that has nothing to do with one of my girls' absence. Right? And we may still book it? So, I will be so happy at 10:15 when we are finished with this callback, Lolly makes her way to basketball camp and it is in the rearview mirror.  The end.