Thursday, July 31, 2014

On Summer

I am trying to embrace summer in the city.  The best part about it is the weather is reasonable and sometimes amazing and beautiful.  It has been a little chilly some nights!  We went to the beach this week and it was a little chilly under the umbrella!

There is plenty to do, but it just has to be on the fly.  I have had about 2-5 castings per week which has been going pretty well, but then we have to fit adventures in in between that.  Why? because if we don't leave the apartment the kids just want to lay on the couch and watch tv.  I was like this as a kid too...I liked my Charlie's Angels reruns in the summer...and I am okay with them relaxing because it really doesn't happen during the year.

I find myself craving something---it's a summer adventure, a summer vacation, an escape....I think about the road trip a lot.  Watching my instagram feed has been challenging because I am watching people go and do summery things.  I don't necessarily covet the specific things they are doing, just the fact that it's being done.  I think I want a vacation!

When was my last VACATION....

I keep trying to figure out how I can plan a VACATION....but I'm not sure it's gonna happen.  I just remodeled the girls bedroom (still not done...I keep forgetting to order the final items)...and just got news that phase 2 of braces is starting.  Does anyone else feel like braces are EXPENSIVE? Yikes.

So...I will just have to have a vacation in my head--which frankly is not the same.

Surprisingly, I ENJOYED our time at the Brooklyn public pool this week AND the beach.  I am usually not a fan of donning a swimsuit in public (or private for that matter), but something about the water and the waves DID feel like an escape, so I may have to do that more often in August.

Ok...putting this together I see we have had a great summer so far....I just want MORE of this:

If you are wondering why the blog isn't getting as much love lately, I have been VLOGGING our summer. Here is our summer adventure playlist so far.

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