Friday, July 11, 2014

Knit: Cardigan

I saw this sweater on craftsy and decided to challenge myself to it!  I honestly thought the pattern came with instructional video so I sould be ok....but it didn't.
I did require one private lesson at lion brand to help me go from two sleeves and a main piece to one solid piece, but that was pretty easy! (Honestly, I should have just gone to their free knitting help, because it took 5 of my 45 minute lesson to show me!)  But Gretchen at LB KNOWS her stuff and I will definitely be going back when I am stuck again.

Guys! I made a cardigan! And I used my special buttons that I got in Iceland to finish it off.  Yes, this is a size 6 month sweater, not meant for Pickle, but she modeled it pretty well.  In fact the photo on the website also had about this size sweater on this size child, but they masked it by adding a shirt underneath and made it look like they had rolled up the sleeves (which I can't find now to show you.)

I knit this for Sam's Baby Noah.  Pickle says BABY NOAH sooooo cute.  I can't wait to see a pic of him in it when he is big enough.

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