Saturday, July 19, 2014

Big Girl Bed

For the past several weeks we have been working on a Girls Room Renovation.  It's so funny because I remember feeling like the first version of their room was so brilliant.  I picked out a giant bunk bed system in which someday I would be able to sleep 3.  And now that we need to sleep 3, it seemed like the biggest bed I could have ever picked and totally impractical.  

Last weekend the Bigs and I painted which was brilliant. I did not expect them to want to be involved.  Though it made the process a bit messier, I was so grateful for their work!  Priming and then 2 coats of paint went by so much faster with 3 of us.  Pickle went with Jason to the church for the morning as they put together the food orders.  

Next came the loft bed and settee below it, then the desk and yesterday the Murphy bunk beds were installed.  Pickle had her first night in her very own big girl bed.  It took her 2 hours to settle in (totally expected this) and we I heard her sleep talking throughout the night.  I could NOT fall asleep.  I think in the 2 years sharing a room with her I was so used to her sound machine, that the silence just kept me up! Also, I remember how the toilet sometimes drips, which I can't stand, and I used to always remember to close the bathroom door, but I never had to do that with the sound machine, so last night I was up out of bed closing it.

Every time I heard her in the next room I was up out of bed checking on her, because I just want to make sure her first night was a good experience, but she was always SOUND asleep, just talking!  

So, here is to a BETTER night tonight and an even better one AFTER THAT...and time in my bedroom PAST 7 with the LIGHTS ON!  Maybe I will sit in bed and read a book.  I want my apartment to feel a little more spacious again and I hope after this transition period that we will all find our spot and feel comfortable again.

We ARE that family jamming all our children into a room that is about half the size of ours, and it feels so right.

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  1. All anyone needs is their own little spot. I can't wait to see the renovation.