Monday, June 2, 2014


I recently got some pix taken by Ryan Brown.  I had to put these two side by side. My VERY FIRST modeling job, and now 21 years later:

I haven't had my hair like that since it's very strange!  I have to say, I am getting a lot of comments about looking younger and a lot of male people are commenting on how they like my hair---hmmmm.....I personally feel like I look just my age and definitely not young---I mean, I am a BABY here on TODAY in 1993...for crying out loud Marshall Fields is like HISTORY now.

Sidenote: I was wearing a BODYSUIT and look at that choker! And I got my first period during this trip to Minneapolis for the photoshoot, along with a bladder infection and diarrhea. good times.  During this period in my life people told me I looked like Kate Moss a lot, now I get Julianne Moore.


  1. I think I might stare at these two images all day. Remarkable!

  2. Simply gorgeous! I thought you look younger now as well. Hey if you've discovered the fountain of youth...enjoy it! :)