Sunday, June 1, 2014

MY LOVES April/May edition


Still totally freaking out if you haven't eaten properly in a day.

Lolly, to pickle: Hello Beautiful
Pickle: Hello Daddy!

Hating your costume for the class play.

WAnting to play games all the time

your vlogging is so funny

the brand new blanket that shed around the WHOLE house and getting rid of it a few days later

Going to the laundromat with me--you loved it.

Going on the Jafflechute adventure with me-we had fun.

Thanking me for things

Apologizing for behavior and trying to make it better.

Setting goals.

Having a very mature response to the news a friend of yours is getting an iPhone 5C

new word: Bumble Bee is my favorite
Tum! (Come)
Bye Daddy
Bite (Bike)
Wite (Wipe)
Omp (open)
Boamt (Boat)
Yight (Light)
Kuck (stuck, truck)
Piggy Bank

Finding a UPS truck and bus at the park---abandoned toys that you made your own--even put them nigh-nigh in your own crib.  Wanting to take them with us everywhere.

Loving putting on a dress.

You as OLAF---I die!

Listing all the people that are ALSO going to sleep when you are--I think it takes the pain out of separating from us

trying to transition to Lolly's bed and not having it.

POTTY TRAINED! WHAT? SOOOOOO HAPPY 22 months? you are amazing.

Describing something as A-pee-pees-A-Wawey (I think that was you trying to describe pee)

you are really good at editing videos

being upset when your violin teacher scolded you

being upset when we downgraded you from a smartphone to a flip phone

the ups and downs of tween hood

When I got enthusiastic about girls camp, you telling me that this is YOUR girls camp, NOT MINE.

Watching you learn how to pass the baton in track was hysterical--tween awkwardness rules

BUT! You are really not awkward at all, aside from a tiny bit of acne here and there you are growing into your woman body very smoothly and turning into a beautiful let's work on the attitude! or let ME work on handling the new you!

Having some good days! I have been seeing my lovely girl again more and more.

Inviting a friend for the weekend and excited that she would be coming to church with you.

Opening up about the bad language at school and how it makes you feel and how you struggle to not use it too.

trying your hardest to get me a new washer ASAP

Asking me kindly and deliberately about mother's day and my expectations.

Letting me handle negotiations while you were away.

Working VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY hard. You never rest.

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