Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Birthday Pickle part 2

Friends, I can hardly believe 2 years have gone by since that beautiful day that Pickle Grace graced US with her presence.  Has everybody else been having so much fun with us?  Seriously every moment since she came into our world has been so lovely and happy.

I have never been this happy for this extended period of a time.  I am always a very happy mother to a baby, but this has been a high for all of us.  Everybody loves the Pickle.

I have never been more rooted in the present than now.  Phoebe wrote the sweetest letter to Pickle with all of these specific things about her and her was so touching to know that a 12 year old found so many qualities in a 2 year old.

She truly is the light of our lives.  I am devastated that this part of her life is over, but I have no regrets---I savored every single second. Truth.


  1. So sweet....I love your Blog & videos... I have 3 girls too and reminds me of raising them too.. . Thy are all 4 1/2 years apart..( difficult pregnancies & several miscarriages) so my oldest daughter was turning 9 when my youngest was born and I remember how my oldest was so happy our Natalie was born. She would constantly Thank me for having has my oldest is 24, married and gave us our first grandchild last year, but continues to have her "little" sister (Natalie is 5 inches taller than Lacy is) stay with her for a few weeks each year. in fact as I write this.. I can see the both of them asleep with my grandbaby between them in the hotel room we are staying at after picking them up from the airport.. it is my oldest daughters turn to visit for a couple of weeks and we are getting to enjoy a fun time at a resort while my handsome hubby works during a conference he has here...oh if you are wondering about the middle sister, she is 20 and very single minded in her efforts to make it as a professional Ballerina on the East Coast... so we dont hear or see much of her right now...:-)

  2. Recently found out about you thru your brothers vlogs. Pickle is adorable. I call one if my kids pickle too. I relate to you on a few levels, and loved your video. There's a 5 yr gap with my kids. Thought I was ok. Had trouble keepin a pregnancy. Decided to have her middle name be Faith, and have faith she'd go full term and be healthy, etc.... She did. 3 yrs later had a brain tumor... Tested that faith again. 3 surgeries we had to go thru. Now she's all healthy & testing my patience at almost 8! She's a spitfire. Smart as a whip. Grace is a good name. You seem like an excellent mom.

  3. Your vlog is so poignant and raw and authentic. BTW, your sister in law could try eating unripe papaya. It mimics oxytocin and helps with let down during nursing--google it.