Thursday, May 8, 2014


In case you missed it, Pickle and I were on the Today Show on Monday.  You can see the segment here.

We did a little behind-the-scenes video in case you were curious about what goes on for a guest of the Today Show.  Even the fancies are green roomed by the regular people like me!

I have a friend who thinks Jason looks just like Willie Geist.  I told him that, so he thought we should do a "Family Portrait" photo for her.  Hysterical.

One of my favorite moments was when I asked the little girl starring in Violet what the show as about, and in a sweet little actor voice: It's about a girl whose father accidentally chops her face in half when she is young, and her spiritual journey to find healing.

I was NOT expecting that, and it took me aback.  Of course my next question was about the makeup, but apparently they leave the scarring to the audience's imagination.  Anyway, that was funny.  Sidenote, our family lullaby is from that show and I didn't even realize it (I got it from Audra's cd).  I just played that youtube vid and Pickle had this reaction---she stopped and stared because she recognized it from our nightly song and then got all cuddly and kissy--so sweet.

Here is our little video, enjoy.

We just hit over 900 subscribers today! That was quick! Awesome! Thanks for watching! We are having fun.

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  1. RBH and I saw Violet last year and I texted you asking about your lullaby remember? Totally took me off guard when she started singing it in the show