Saturday, May 10, 2014

On Motherhood

Mother's Day is not my favorite holiday.  Most likely this is the case because I have no control over it.  It's supposed to be a day where somebody does something for me right?

Most (all) other holidays I am producing something for someone else.  Exception: birthday, Christmas (give and take).  Along comes this DAY in May that is honoring the biggest part of me, the grandest effort I make on every single level from physically changing from one to two people, to making macaroni and cheese for the 5,614th time.  Being a mother, for me is EVERYTHING.  It is exactly ALL of it.

So anything that happens on Mother's Day for me, because of me, absolutely pales in comparison to the triumph that is this role.  

I sound unappreciative.   I'm not.  Motherhood is a gift I gave to myself.   It makes me feel enough, worthy, stretched, changed.  It is so incredibly epic, that Hallmark and a facial and even my own children's hand cannot possibly live up to it.

This year I get that.  I understand that any Mother's Day in the past that was a disappointment, was because one day on a calendar, and the expectations that come with that, can never compete with the outrageous experience that is all of me.  Ironically, it has become the day in which I want a quick break from it.  Maybe someone else can take over my job for a few minutes.  Ironically, I am quick to go there, quick to hand it over.  The reality is I feel pretty greedy about it.   This crew? Oh, these turkeys?  All mine, thank you.  I will take exactly all of them, if they will have all of me.

Posse sighting: 1:05


  1. I love the family prayer at 1:05. Papa

  2. You truly captured the give and take of motherhood :-)