Sunday, May 11, 2014

Month 1: Glass Posse Youtube Channel

FIRST OF ALL---Happy Mother's Day Mom...I finally got you back for all the old photos you post of me!  But really I just want you to know that you have been my everything and continue to be a shining example of who a woman should be and as I move through the world meeting women who have bad relationships with their moms, it makes me all the more grateful for our relationship!

Our little pet project over on youtube just hit 1000 subscribers today!  That is exciting! The posse did a little appreciation music video to celebrate.  Thanks for trying it out with me ya'll.  I don't want to abandon this blog, and I will not, but I am splitting my time now, and my whole goal of reading this year has slowly vanished as I am trying to edit edit edit now!

Hope you all had a nice mothers day.  Mine was going to be great due to my good attitude after my epiphany, and then it ended up dumb again----oh well, there's always EVERY SINGLE YEAR after this one!

My Facebook post:

Mother's Day 2014:

Me: "I am taking a nap when the baby naps. As I sleep, I expect you both to practice so that When we awake (most likely in 1 hour) we can go to the park."

During nap: door opens, light streams in no less than 5 (or more) times

Baby miraculously stays sleeping, I'm awakened each time

I find 2 plates of cold pancakes (that is a lot of carbs, it's also 3:30 pm) and a little Mother's Day note on the dresser when I wake up.

The kitchen is a wreck

Phoebe has not practiced (big surprise)

Baby sleeps over 2 hours! (What??))

And this is why I hate Mother's Day.

I don't appreciate your effort, I don't want to be woken up, I don't want cold pancakes!

I JUST wanted you to do ONE THING in those 2 HOURS!!!!!!!!!

The end.

Ps. Washer broke this week and no sign of a new one for weeks to come.

Now the end.

Jason DID manage to make dinner tonight which I REALLY appreciated even if he DID rinse the pasta with cold water....and called me a few times wondering how to do it and where to find stuff.  It was also sweet when he asked how on earth I cut onions because they burn the eyes SO MUCH.  I think my eyes have extra layers because I cook with onions a lot.  

Jason and I were discussing Phoebe and how we tell her to do things what seems like hundreds of times before she does them and then day after day after day.  He said it feels like GROUND HOG Day (the film).  I asked him how it ended and he said that each day Bill Murray's character figures out more pieces to the puzzle until he finally gets the day right and can move on.

That's gonna be a really good day.

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