Sunday, May 18, 2014


When I heard that our congregation was having a talent show, I knew I wanted to sing LET IT GO as my children are obsessed with Frozen (just like everybody else).  As I contented to think it through, I knew it just wouldn't be okay to sing this song as a normal person--I must transform into Elsa!

I found a cosplay etsy shop and conversed with them about the date I needed it by, my measurements etc.  They assured me it would be done in time.  As the days got closer and closer I noticed that SHIPPED had not been checked in the order.  I inquired and again was reassured that all would arrive in time.

Finally 4 days before the event I was extremely skeptical and they communicated that indeed it would not be ready! 

I found this out moments after I got news that my new washer would be here in a month and my microwave had just broken.

 Everything in 3's !

I was trying to order a new microwave but I absolutely could not concentrate knowing my Elsa dreams had been dashed.

I pulled up images of Elsa in Frozen and studied what she was wearing.  I then scanned Amazon as I have a prime membership and fast shipping was my only hope.

Finally I came up with a blue leotard under a blue prom dress (only one size and it was a bit tiny!)  I would have to improvise the rest.

I paid for extra fast shipping on the dress as it was not prime and was so pleased to find that the blues matched!  The next day I headed to the garment district for some fabric to create the back shawl and to fill in the fabric of the too high slit.  I employed the use of some Martha Stewart snowflake etching stencils and glitter paint that night and finished in the knick of time.

I will have a costume and makeup tutorial coming up near Halloween, but in the meantime, enjoy the show:


  1. Well, now.....I have lots to say about this! First of all, you hit it out of the park! The song was amazing and you completely captured the character. You are very good at doing that. The dress! Perfect and fits you like a glove! Loved how you involved the kids and especially the twirling Pickle. And now let's talk about the blonde hair. It suits you. Just sayin'.

    1. the blonde hair looks very bad in poor light. In person I sort of look like an old lady in Florida who really needs to give up her blonde already. The good lighting in the close ups were my friend. LIGHT is everything!

  2. Amazingly well done-- fantastic!