Wednesday, May 21, 2014

First World Problems

 A few days after my washer broke (oh, did I not tell you?)

The washer guy came, took my washer apart, told me I needed a new part which they don't make anymore, then put my washer back together, leaving it in a worse state than it began.

$173- later, my on-it's-way-out dryer was DEAD.

I tried to get my money back but no, they would not refund me even a dollar.

After many calls and research, due to the specific size of our laundry closet, there are only a few models that will fit there, and because they are one on top of the other, we have to replace BOTH our washer AND dryer.


And they will not arrive until June 10th!

JUNE 10TH? In THIS day and age....really?

I went to the laundromat twice, and the second time when I saw the lady put her dog in one of the community laundry baskets, I swore off that laundromat.

Delivery and pay by the pound it is.

A few days after all of this, my microwave dies.

No biggie, just need to replace the touch pad, which they don't MAKE anymore because they don't MAKE the MICROWAVE anymore.

This WHILE the etsy shop owner who is supposed to be making my ELSA dress tells me it will not be finished in time.

I am scrambling looking for a solution for Elsa, so I cannot possibly concentrate on microwave measurements and what will and will not fit.

The next day I focussed.  I found the exact right fitting microwave and also paid to have it installed.  

A few days later the installation guy comes up and measures the cut out above my oven and tells me NO, it won't fit.


Because the bracket is 17.5" and this is 16.5

~But the website said I only needed 16.5

No, you need to go to the home depot and measure the backs of each microwave to see how big the bracket is.

I go STRAIGHT to the home depot and explain this and see with my own eyes that every bracket is EXACTLY flush with it's corresponding microwave.  16.5" microwaves have a 16.5" bracket....that is that, end of story.

I cancel the first order and order the EXACT same microwave so that I can open it myself and see that it indeed will fit.

It arrives another 4 days later. I laboriously unpack it, measure it and see that not only will it fit, but there is 1/2" wiggle room.

I call Home Depot and get transferred 3 times. And it takes 90 minutes and I explain my feelings with good therapy sentences and phrases and try my hardest to AT A MINIMUM get free installation.

Well, my installation is gonna be free all right, because now I have been blacklisted. Once a technician says it won't fit, THEY WON'T COME TO INSTALL anymore, even though their technician is WRONG.

The best I do is get a $50- gift card sent to me, which honestly, the time I wasted was worth more like $400- and a microwave sitting on my apartment floor looking like the heaviest thing on earth.

Finally I call my handyman (which I should have just done in the first place) and he installs it for $125- and I try not to think about it EVERY TIME I LOOK AT IT!


Washer please don't do this to me.

BRIGHT SPOT: rehearsing for my upcoming show (lice rap) so brilliant!

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  1. Uggh! Our microwave just died as well. I could not figure out how that happened, being that it is top-of-the-line and our house is only five years old. The repair technician told me that you have to turn on the fan when you use the stove and your microwave is above the stove, otherwise it will die quickly. We have only lived here a year, but I only occasionally turned on the fan while cooking. Is that common knowledge? I didn't know that. But I learned it $150 + new microwave later.