Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Work Week

I have been wrangling this week.  Monday was a full day that was pretty low key and fun.  I always like working with Scott Patrick who makes regular appearances in the Loreal makeup room (or whatever they are calling it THIS season) on Project Runway....he is a funny kid.

The photographer loves a show, so when he started whistling "America" I knew we were in for a good day.

Unfortunately my Lolly came down with a fever that night and Pickle followed the next day just as I was leaving for my half day wrangling job.  I was wrangling for the same client but a different gig.  This one was hysterical to me because the photographer hired a dj.  I have never been on a set with a live dj.  It was so loud I had to yell to communicate with the foursome of kid models (yes four at a time!) and the giant light scrim was tilted so low I couldn't even see the older was silly/funny/ridiculous.

But! one shot....wham bam, thank you for my half day rate ma'am.

I did a little behind the scenes work for the first time.  Unfortunately I wasn't doing anything too insane, but you can at least get a feel for a day in the life.

Pickle was up all night last night with her little cold and so I feel strangely energetic but definitely under rested.  I am hoping to get a good night sleep tonight.

Spring is here and I am so happy I primed my nose with nasacort last month.  It is doing wonders and requires no prescription which means NO doctor appointment (waste of my time!)  Go get some!

What else...I have been rehearsing a little show that I am putting on with my mk trio girls--it's been nice to sing again...and I am just days away from my half marathon--I am praying I don't come down with the virus that the other 4 have been knocked over with this week!

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  1. I can pray to help you out with good things and good luck and all the good health for all! Where's your half?