Tuesday, April 8, 2014

This is 35

I got a text yesterday from a friend who is just behind me on the birthday train.  She asked me: What's 35 like?

My response: saggy, sore & sobering.

Stuff is sagging.  body parts, face....and I put all the grey hairs I am acquiring in that category as well.  

Sore. My body is sore a lot.  I have to be careful as I sit up from crazy sitting kneels/positions.  I am not as limber as I once was.  Training for my half marathon this time has caused more pain in my pieces and parts. 

The sobering part is just that I recognize how long I have been here, what I have done so far and how I still have a very long way to travel.  I value the present moment and I am so glad to have had 35 years and I just absolutely LONG to have many many more.  I don't feel done.  I wish to keep going and doing, grey hairs, saggy bottom and all.

I heard once that selfie smiles with your mouth open make it look like you are having more fun. Is it working?

This work I am doing is hard work and it's heart work.  It's worth all of the energy that it requires, and it is a LOT.

I have never taken time to imagine what 35 would be, so I can't report as to whether or not I am living up to my own expectations, but I can tell you that there is nowhere I would rather be.  The grass I'm standing in is awfully green.