Sunday, April 27, 2014


Around the holidays I start itching to train for a half marathon (well at least, that has happened 3 times now).  I love training through the hard part of winter and then the grand finale being a spring half marathon!  This one did NOT disappoint.  The morning started gloomy and drizzly and then just as we were to begin the clouds parted, the sun came out and we had a lovely run along the shore.


We were quite colorful:

I recruited some sparkle besties to run and we loved supporting each other through the training!

I cut 4 minutes off my last half to finish 433 out of 1131 at 2:04:40.55.

I made a video of course.  I ran with the go pro but since I am a newbie at it, it wasn't turned on when I got AWESOME stuff at the beginning of the race.  I am still pretty disappointed about it.  But! the footage was way too funny with my hands all in it, so I only used a few short snippets in the end.

Check out the photobomber on the beach!

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  1. You're an awesome runner with a great bunch of sparklerettes! So fun that you share!
    Way to break your record!!