Thursday, April 10, 2014

Potty Training: Update

The reasons I started potty training on Sunday are twofold:

1. Pickle has been showing interest and signs of readiness for the past several months, including holding her poop for 45 minutes on a road trip and going at the rest stop. 

2. I ran out of diapers.

I decided to give it a try.

A friend had told me about a potty-trained-by-noon technique so I added that into the strategy of just putting on the panties cold turkey.

We spent the day in and out of the bathroom wearing panties, drinking drinks and cleaning up the accidents when they happened.  Basically by the end of the day I was so exhausted from being a cheer leader and constantly watching her and encouraging her through every. single. accident.

I felt like maybe I had made a mistake, as every time she told me: POO! POO! It was AFTER it had happened. (she calls all output, POO POO).

The next day she woke up and we put her straight on the pot.  She went!  We put her into her panties and from that moment until we left the house around 11:30, she told me every time she had to go, and had a dry pull up when she woke up from her nap!

We spent the next 6 hours out and about and she stayed dry in her pull up and went in public places!
She told me and stayed dry the ENTIRE DAY!

She would urgently say POO POO! And put her hands over her bum, but she made it every time.

Day 3 was similar, only the urgency had subsided. This time it was MOM!?  yes?  POO POO! And she would go! She did have one accident in her pull up when we were at the playground, but she told me about it, which I think still counts as a success.  

She still has steps to go--holding it for longer periods, staying dry during sleeping, etc. but, I have to say. I could not be more PLEASED with my pretty much potty trained 21 month old baby!

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