Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

Happy Good Friday to ya'll.  I have been spring breaking it hard with Lolly and Pickle.  We have tried our hat (is that a phrase?) at VLOGGING this week and it's hard.  We are getting into a groove but it's a major commitment to shoot and edit a video in a day.

I do not think we will be daily vloggers, but vloggers a few days a week and on special events.  Frankly, I am a documenter so it's not that different from my normal routine, but it changes it a bit because we have to be mindful of our content and quality, but that's not hard with this crew.  We are HIGH QUALITY all the time! (ha!)

I have a few favorites from this week:

If you have been in blogland for a while (like me) then all of this is new to you.  Apparently you go to youtube and subscribe to someone's channel and then whenever they post you are notified.  I will not always post the vlogs here, only when I really especially like them or they take the place of a regular blog post. 

Right now, if I hit 600 subscribers in the next week or so, I am giving away 10 of my cd's to ten lucky subscriber!  That's all I have to offer!  An old Christmas CD! Ha!

So, if youtube and videos are your thing, come on by, if not, keep visiting me here!  


  1. What is your channel called?

    1. Glass Posse, but I don't have a custom url yet