Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Parade 2014

After church we headed to 5th avenue to be a part of this annual community event.  We picked out the makings for our hats last week and then donned them to take a little stroll, up the avenue.  An added bonus was that the fabrege eggs that had been strewn about the whole city were all collected in one place, so we got to see them all!

And guess who we spotted again this year! Bill Cunningham!

WHAT? It looks like he was gonna take my pic does it? We'll see!!!!!


  1. Adoring your Easter Parade outfits, great hats and pics. Your vintage dresses=cool! Be sure to post the bill pics. He got you I bet! how could he let you slip by? Nikee will be so envious of that!

  2. Love your hats and outfits, will you post the pics if Bill took yours? I love seeing the variety of hats and have googled the parade and also all about the fabrege eggs. How many did you find? Did you take pics of all of them collected for the parade?
    You live an exciting life!! Love, kj