Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Checking In

Hi everybody! I have been a little MIA lately because I am setting up my youtube channel.  It takes time! I miss the regular old blogging, but this has been fun too, and the kids like it.

Pickle has been sick for about a week and she has finally turned a corner! I am so happy she is feeling better, it makes for a much better time.  She is not accident-free yet, but the potty training is so amazing and I am SO SO SO HAPPY that diapers are a thing of the past.  I thought I never wanted her to grow up, but now I am WAY into her being a big girl.

I was working last week and doing one job this week, so I feel a little scattered lately.  From here until the fall it's going to be GO GO GO.  I just know it.  This weekend is graduation for my siblings, then Pickle and I are doing the today show on Monday, I have to do the costumes for the 3rd grade class play, get ready for an upcoming show to raise money for Lolly's school (return of the MK TRIO), and all the end of year stuff--concerts, pickle birthday party, yadda yadda.  

On top of all that I am planning another special Pickle video similar to this one, and I am pretty stoked about that--look for it in the middle of May.  As promised, the smoky eye makeup tutorial is ready and I will be publishing that probably here tomorrow.  I wore the smoky eyes all day yesterday and there were some people from Phoebe's new school who had apparently never seen me in makeup before, let alone EVENING SMOKEY EYES and were quite taken aback! HA!

Spring is here and nasacort is getting me through it! Hallelujah!  I am still on a high from my half!

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  1. I was in your city yesterday for just a few hours. We did Ellis Island and ate a Kanish at the Kanishery in Lower East Side. Totally worth the trip. I looked for you...on the trains...on the sidewalks,,,,in Macy's.....maybe next time, :).