Sunday, April 6, 2014

A new chapter

Direct quote from a friend at book club last week:

"I read this book that said to give your child all the salty snacks they want and all the drinks they want.  Feed them all morning and by noon they will be potty trained."

Pickle has been self potty training for a while now.  She is ready in so many ways: not dependent on diapers to do her business, tells me when she needs to be changed, pooped and peed in the potty, not scared of it. Even going on road trips in rest stops!

All the signs are there.  My main concern is her language being there.

I decided to start today.

I really don't think you could call today a success as she definitely was NOT potty trained by noon and totally boycotted her nap resulting in two wet pull ups.  But, every time she had an accident she came running to tell me and she successfully peed in the potty twice.

Who cares?

I hate potty training.

I keep looking at the BIGS in awe that THEY are potty trained.

I hate toddlers.



love, me


  1. I always say - I would rather give birth again than potty train. Then it would or at least could be over by noon.

    1. I don't know, that is still a little fresh in my memory! YIKES

  2. "I hate toddlers". that is lol funny, my little "angel" is 2, and she tries to slap my hand away when I help her with her jacket, and she dumped her milk upside down because she wanted juice...... and I can't even talk about potty training. My first was a boy and I'm still having tremors about it. It took FOREVER. :)