Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Young Women

In our church when girls turn 12, they transition into the Young Women program.  That last year of primary is like torture (at least it was for Phoebz and me), because you just want to be with the very cool older tweens and teenage girls.

Over the past 12 years of being in this congregation I have watched our group of Young Women change!  About 10 years ago I was in charge of the program and we had a handful of girls, many of whom were not particularly interested in what I had to say.  The parents were not able to be the most supportive of our program, so it was very difficult.  I often wondered what it would look like/be like when Phoebz finally entered.

I am so pleased to say that it has grown and their are many supportive families that have daughters in the program and Phoebz is over the moon to be a part of it!  I confess my emotions are sitting very close to the surface.  She had her first conference for 12 and 13 year olds in which I was asked to present on the topic of Modesty.  They began by showing this video that featured a song with the same title as the Young Women/Young Men theme for the year. I was just a puddle.

Last week the Young Women kidnapped her from Primary and took her to Young Women!

Yesterday afternoon they kidnapped her and had a surprise birthday celebration/lunch for her birthday!

Last night we had New Beginnings.  Each girl gave a talk representing the values of Young Women, which are: Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice & Accountability, Virtue & Integrity.  Each has a corresponding color and many of the girls dressed in that color.  Then they ended with a musical number.  Afterwards our Bishop stood up holding his little blonde 3-year-old daughter and I totally lost it. MY BABY!

I am so happy she is happy in this program.  I can't believe how much it means to me as the Mom, that twice a week teenage girls are going to get together and talk about God and setting goals and making choices in their life to help them find a good husband and create a wonderful family some day!  Once again, this has all snuck up on me!  


  1. How amazing to find this post this morning. I've been following your blog for several years and knew you were mormon but it didn't really apply to me... until this week. We've had missionaries visit us 6 times over the last 10 days, and wow, has it opened my eyes. My daughter is turning 12 here in a couple months and these classes are really making me think. I am so excited by the fact that they are teaching something real, how to be better husbands (I also have 3 boys) and wives, rather than just listening to the latest boy band. We haven't attended church yet with them, there are still so many questions swirling around our minds, but it seems everywhere I look articles, blog posts, etc about this are coming up.

    1. Amee, wow. I am so happy that you shared here. Where do you live? I may know some people who could meet up at church with you...might make it more relatable than missionaries....let me know you can email me at kristy at kristyglass dot com keep me posted.

  2. Kage,

    I reread this post again tonight and remembered how true the video's message is to me. The matchless power of my Lord is able to change the worst to the best, the profane to the profound and break the hardest heart. Thank you for reminding me of this Divine attribute of Providence.

    It reminded me of a previous piece you did years ago:

    Thanks for sharing!

    All my love,