Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Sometimes this whole motherhood gig just seems so hard it's hilarious.  Take today for example...

My baby ACTUALLY slept in an extra hour.  So I did too.  This ruffled the feathers of my husband so when I rolled out of bed just as he was leaving, he wasn't like this:

"Good Morning my darling? How was your beauty rest, I made you breakfast, it's there on the counter."

I mean, he's NEVER been like that, but this morning he was the opposite of that.

He has a lot on his plate.

I forgave him right away but I also wanted to try to help him feel better about his life.

I rushed to drop off a birthday present to a friend--I felt bad because I made her come out to my car to get was VERY cold...but I was excited about the gift.

Next I went visiting teaching.  Pickle and I had a playdate because we are friends with the Mom and Baby at this house.  After an hour Pickle had had enough.  Fortunately Phoebe was home so I just dropped her off so that I could visit with my second girl.

I missed the three times that she called telling me she had a headache and Pickle wouldn't stop crying...  When I finally realized what was going on,  I rushed home and gave her some medicine for the headache and then she threw up.

Fortunately it was in the bucket and I was able to save my loopy mango blanket from the puke (because if I hadn't been able to save that I would have no longer been able to find my day humorous).  Unfortunately I had to figure out how to clean the bucket which involved blurring my eyes, closing my ears, and mouth-breathing.

Then I talked to Jason and tried to work things out with him and the result of that conversation was to make sure I was on my game the rest of the day.

That afternoon I went to a costume meeting about the 3rd grade class play in which there were too many cooks in the kitchen.  That was annoying.

Then I went to a concert Lolly was participating in.  It was an informal setting, free and open to the public, and Pickle (who was behaving extraordinarily well) and I were asked to leave because she was too noisy.

I never got to see Lolly play. SIGH.

Rush hour was crazytown---so many people--Pickle wanted to get down--so crowded!

Thankfully I had made dinner somewhere in my day, so it was ready when we got home, and I had defrosted the pumpkin chocolate chip bread (ah! foresight) that I brought home from Chicago last week.  Pumpkin Chocolate Chip bread makes a lot of things better.

Pickle refused to eat anything in her high chair, but finally started taking bites when she was sitting atop the table and alternating between bites and smearing food all over everything.  As she took a tubby (supervised by Phoebz, the puker,) I cleaned up the dishes and finished folding the laundry just as Jason walked through the door.

I spent the day just letting things roll down my back---and the day was a success because I just went with it.

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