Monday, March 24, 2014

Pickle Works: Macy's

There she is!  I am very surprised they chose the shot on the left. It was ADORABLE, don't get me wrong, but they RESHOT the outfits a few days later, when she came in for the shot on the right.  I was certain they wouldn't choose it---but it's SO CUTE right? She smiled really well that day.  Yeah!

Fun Story: When she walked into the baby model holding room, she went up to that boy and kissed him on the lips! They ended up being paired together twice that week (the boy in the left pic).


  1. Beautiful little girl! I'm sure you've said it before somewhere but I didn't know where to look. But after watching your I'm a mormon message maybe 3 times (okay like 15) I was really curious what book it was you read? I had a very similar situation growing up, however I didn't become a member of the LDS church until I was 19 (7 years ago) I'm still on my journey of self discovery and forgiveness but everyday I'm getting closer! thanks for sharing your story!

    1. Thanks for coming by. I guess when your video is on the homepage of it gets a lot of traffic! Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver was the book. You have to read the WHOLE thing though....the last sentence is what did it for me. ENJOY. Thanks for stopping by.