Friday, March 21, 2014


Friends, we got a fish last fall at the school fair.  We got him some new digs and a heater and took good care of him.  His name is Banjo.  He got some fungus which we treated and he is all good now and thriving.  He makes a bubble nest every week---he wants to be a Dad real bad.

For Christmas Phoebe got a second apartment and so our 1st tenant was a cool looking goldfish.  He lasted about 2 weeks.  He also got some fungus but we were treating that too. 

After a few months I bought a new fish Our 2nd tenant was a cool red crown tale beta.  He died in 48 hours covered in the white fluffy fungus.

I threw out the gravel, cleaned the tank, cleaned the new stones, got a new very cool looking beta. I have never seen one like this.  I took these photos the day after we got him.  He got a bit of the white cotton fungus and we started treating him.  We lost him. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??????

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