Monday, March 31, 2014

My Loves

Your hair is getting longer. I commented that you always cut your hair when it gets long and you said: I am NEVER doing that again...I will REFLECT back on how I felt after I cut it and remember not to do it again.

Mom, if you could name yourself ANY name...but it couldn't be like a real name, it would have to be a made up name, what would it be?
ME: Shazam Blam
Mine would be Dark Horse
ME: That is not made up, I am sure an American Indian somewhere is named Dark Horse.
I would be Dark Horse

You asked me what a snow plow was and I made up a rhyme to explain: A PLOW is HOW we get read of the SNOW (only, I pronounced SNOW like SOW with an N, so that it rhymed with Plow and How)  [this is actually a MY LOVE from February but you reminded me of it in MARCH!]

Girls Night Out! You wore your new nerd glasses because we were eating in Brooklyn.

talking about how Dad took such great care of your girls when you were up in the night throwing up

Mom! Hi Mom! tap tap tap...Mom! Always wanting me to look at EVERYTHINg you are up to.

New words: Happy.

Singing LET IT GO into the toilet paper holder microphone, every time you sit on the pot to poop.

You were so hyper and happy while the rest of us girls were down and out.  It brought smiles to our sick faces.

Giving me kisses when I wasn't feeling well. Checking in with me every once in a while.

You playing with the Bee is so cute. You guys really like each other.

Your singing in general is just fantastic

Wanting to watch more grown up shows on tv that are perhaps not appropriate for Lolly but perfectly appropriate for you. Let you stay up later than her so that you can watch said programming.

Going shopping together.  You held my hand or looped your elbow in mine.  All is not lost!

All the burst blood vessels in your face after puking!

Even though we missed the live broadcast, it was nice watching it with you the next day.

When the Young Women joined the 5th Sunday combined meeting, you waved to us from across the room, Dad whispered in my ear: she looks SO happy.

It was so fun having you around for 2 weeks.  I got to have a little freedom and you got to veg-out.

still working so hard.

working through your ankle injury/depression

so sorry you are holding so much anxiety--everything will be okay soon.

saving, saving saving and reaching those financial goals we set!  I am so proud of you!

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