Monday, March 10, 2014

I Listen: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Friends, this book has a LOT of F word in it.  

It's disappointing because it is so overused it just loses it's affect (effect? Coco? which).  I am hoping it can be shed for the movie version and that it isn't rated R just so that it can have some F words thrown in there.

If you are sensitive to the F word, absolutely do not LISTEN to it.  At least reading it, you can sort of skip over it....

Sidebar: when I read I can either say each word "out loud" in my head or not...I can glaze over the sentences quickly or really take each word in.  How is it for you?

Second Sidebar: Did you know there is a new speed reading app? interesting.

Anyway, that aside, this book was a treat.  The way the author structures it, you are going along with so many questions and then just when you think they are all going to be answered...


And then it happens again---how is this going to end?

And maybe it is because I listened to it (confession--I did read parts of it as I had the audio and the digital ebook from the library so I could switch off) but I thought the writing (aside from the swear words) to be quite excellent.  Each character is a writer, so it better be good.  I also enjoyed the performances of the readers.  It really made me want to record an audiobook for a job.

But those of you familiar with this book my be disappointed in me for seeing it through. I decided not to do that after a Stephen King book I read, but I have a weakness for plot and it got me this time.


  1. Effect! :)

    Also - you should get a goodreads account!

  2. I loved this book! And I agree -- you can totally read "eff" instead of the actual word.