Sunday, February 16, 2014

Temple Art

I am not a big fan of churchy wall hangings.  As I went from house to house this summer and stayed with many mormons, I noticed some wall hangings of temples or proclamation to the families or portraits of Jesus.  I recently helped a friend of mine move and she had an artistic rendering of all the past Prophets in her bedroom and I teased her husband about it.

The closest I have come to church art is my GOD BLESS OUR PAD embroidery that I scored at Urban Outfitters.  Incidentally, you can now make your own.

After our temple crawl, I decided I wanted to incorporate the pix into a wall hanging.  I was inspired to dig up some other old temple pix and found a great one of Baby Phoebe and my wedding day and with some of my besties at Temple Square.  I ordered DECO PRINTS (4 x 4 square style from snapfish)and put them together as a grid.

I think this could probably be cooler and fancier, but for now, it is my first attempt at church art. I like it because it's photography and it's personal and it holds a lot of beloved memories all in one frame! I hung it where a mirror used to hang, and everyone is still adjusting to NOT seeing their reflection there, but they ARE seeing their reflections there. Get it?

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