Friday, February 28, 2014

My Loves


One of my goals is to get over my fear of things that are weird and gross

I just want a modern mansion when I grow up

I'm just practicing saying meaningful prayers as I try to fall asleep.
~Oh that's great honey, can I hear one.
Heavenly Father, thank you for this food. Please help it to nourish us and strengthen us.  Please help me to like it. If I don't like it, please help me to eat it. Please bless that there will be a glass of water so that I can swallow it down. But hopefully I will like it. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.  

Spying saucer sleds in the window for $9.99 MOM! $9.99! I caved.

Telling me about your future spouse, basically listing all the traits your own Dad has and then adding: BUT NICER.


Crying and sobbing as I cleaned out your instagram FOLLOWS. (Replacing all those ones with QUOTES OVER PICTURES (sometimes people making out pictures) with Mormon QUOTE instagrammers)

The dramatics of you.

Love your artwork:

You are changing in many ways and I am finding out that you no longer tell me anything everything.

We were all singing that Sara Bareilles song: "Honestly…I wanna see you be…" Lolly and I were singing FREE and Phoebz was singing Brave. We argued with her that she was WRONG. Well, it turns out that the TITLE of that song is BRAVE, and Phoebe was right…BRAVE.

You gotta a call from a boy who told you: G wanted me to tell you--he's gonna try to kiss you and he loves you. OH MIDDLE SCHOOL.

Coaching Pickle through her pooping. Teaching her- 1,2,3 POOP!

Telling me TWICE IN ONE MORNING that you had to poop.  When you do the poop, you don't want to see it, you just run away.

You say EW to so many tiny things.  IT's so funny.

You PUNCHED me HARD in the face on the subway and it really hurt

You say Hi to everyone on subways and elevators…and still touch strangers all the time.

I caught you sitting up in the bunk bed with Phoebe and eating her m & m's (one of your new words) and I just looked at you and you said: NO MAMA!  

Words: Key, Hi Daddy, No (snow), NA (snack), Ca-Ca (Crackers, Wee-wee (Winnie), Boo (Boots)Woo-Hoo! Hello (that little tongue sticking out as you say the L sound) gin-gin (gym) Boom (when you give a fist pump)

Freaking out on us--yelling gibberish and pointing as we were getting on the elevator…and saying BOO! BOO! We realized you had lost a Boot!  

Going through the bookshelf and finding 2 chapter books with a beagle on the front and carrying them around the house- Puppy! Puppy!

Pooping in the toilet almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day. You are a wonder.

I Couldn't find you anywhere and then I found you had tucked yourself into Lolly's bed with a good book.

so depressed about your sore ankle. Asking for some almond milk ice cream to help you feel better.



  1. I love the addition of the photos and especially the one of Pheobe's art work. Lovely.

  2. So sweet. Hooray for no more poopy diapers!!!! She truly is a wonder. I started doing this list in February for my personal journal. I was finding that if someone said something funny that I wanted to remember, I couldn't recall it just hours later. I'm getting old.