Monday, February 3, 2014

Meeting Tim Gunn

I approached Lolly's school and I had 9 minutes to spare before she walked out the door.  It was so cold outside that I decided to pop into Gap Kids just to have a look around.  I really should never do this, because more often than not I end up buying something! I could not resist this romper and these pants and a hoodie for Phoebe that had sequins hearts all over it!  Gah!  There is something about Lolly in a romper, I just love it.

There was a tiny line, and I was tempted to ask if I could just please jump to the front since I had school pick up and was cutting it close, but I decided to just wait it out.

As I exited, Mr. Tim Gunn passed me and headed the direction I was not going.  I think I vocalized an inhale and then turned the way I was going.

It only took me about 2.5 seconds to decide that I would ALWAYS regret not stopping him.

I turned the opposite direction and jogged to catch up with him:

"Mr. Tim Gunn! I know you must get stopped ALL THE TIME, but I just had to tell you that my daughters and I watch your show, this is my third daughter…"

Bends down…"What's her name?"

"Pickle.  My Mom and I always joke around and say, 'If there is one person we could have at our Christmas dinner table it would be YOU!'"

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"Would it be okay if we snapped a pic so that I could show my daughters I met you, they will die."

"Of course! What's your name?"

Takes off glove…shakes my hand as I say: "Kristy Glass"

We take the selfie in which we can see ourselves in the photo and he says, in his perfectly Tim Gunn way:

"I look like your GREAT Grandpa!" laughs.  [well, this is my REGULAR grandpa, so no, you don't!]

"Congratulations on your career, it has been amazing to watch."

"I tell myself I am so lucky EVERY DAY." Shakes my hand again and we part.

And then I tell both girls and their reaction was maybe even bigger than the news we were gonna see Taylor Swift.


  1. Such a great NY moment! I am waayyy NOT into fashion (as you know) but it would be such a pleasure to meet him. One of those genuinely kind and good human beings who deserves all of his success!

  2. Tim Gunn always seems like SUCH a gentleman; truly humble and wickedly intelligent. He's someone who deserves every success that comes his way.