Thursday, February 6, 2014

I Read! Divergent

I saw a trailer for a film called Divergent and I had the sense it was based on a book.  It seemed like my kind of book too--sci-fi, dystopia, violence, love.

I checked it out and saw that it WAS a book and it was only $3.99 for my kindle.

I read it pretty quickly! 2 books this year so far, and halfway through another one! I am on FIRE with the reading.

Phoebe really wants to read it so I tried to speed through it.

There is some stuff in there I don't want her to read because she is 11.  High school, maybe, but I just keep trying to put myself in my 11 year old brain and I am not sure even the short little scenes are okay for her.

I am trying to figure out how I can prevent her from reading them.

First idea--buy a paper copy and cover up the paragraphs I don't want her to read. But that is going to cost me $4.90

Worth it? probably.

Second idea--highlight the paragraphs on the kindle in RED and tell her when she sees that, she has to flip past it.

Can I trust her?

Probably NOT.

It was an okay read, I look forward to the movie, I bet it will be fun to see….don't feel the need to read the next two, but maybe I will since I remember how to read now.


  1. The second book could be worth your time; its another fast read if you have the desire to see how the story unfolds. The third book, though, is NOT worth your time. It was arduous. I almost gave up umpteen times. And I can see your concern with Pheobs because she will prob want to read ALL of them and the scenes get sexier. I love your reading posts!! Keep 'em coming!!!

  2. See, and I couldn't even get into the second book. Ugh - so long and drawn-out. I don't even care to see the movie, honestly. If you want to read a GOOD book, like beautifully written, crazy dilemma... read The Light Between Oceans. My favorite book of last year.

    1. Kristen, thank you for the recommendation. I just accidentally turned on the HOURS UNTIL YOUR DONE measurement on my kindle. And it's so powerful, because as I begin a book, I ask myself: DO I want to spend 28 more hours on this? So, I will check out your recommendation! THANKS