Monday, February 24, 2014


Whenever I tell people I am from Chicagoland, they ask me about it being called, Chicagoland.

I'm not sure why it's called Chicagoland, but advertisers and tv personalities will say things like: "The Greater Chicagoland Area...." or whatever. It's like our Tri-State area, they say Chicagoland.

I say I am from Chicagoland because I have lived in 3 different suburbs, graduated from high school in a fourth and worked and went to school and lived in various areas of the city of Chicago. So, I'm from Chicagoland.

My parents have had a long winter.  Starting with Christmas in the hospital caring for my Mom's Dad-- to the 5th snowiest winter ever--- 67 inches as of the last day we were in's been a long winter for them.  They will not see any family until the spring when my siblings graduate, so I decided we should go to the home land--Chicagoland--and pay them a visit.

Jason jumped on board when I mentioned the idea, so that made it possible to drive it in a day.  Our little Posse did so well in the car.  On the way there Pickle announced when she had to poo, and I would explain that she could go in her diaper or wait until the rest stop.  She chose rest stop twice.

WHAT???  My 19-Month old Poops in the toilet? I'm going with it.

We arrived to a beautiful Valentine's Day feast that my Mother had prepared.  Delicious.  Pickle found a little chair that she commandeered for the entire week.

Our entire week can be summed up in a few words: OLYMPICS, SNOW, SHOPPING, YARN

Jason did his annual stop in to Banana Republic to buy stuff that was on sale.  Since he was in the mood, I took advantage and bought a few items for the girls at H & M and sneaked in some sneakers for my latest half marathon training and some yarn for the scarf that Lolly asked me to knit her.

We also ate a lot of junk.  Mom made some stellar cinnamon rolls and cookies.  We only discovered these in the freezer a few days in.  If we had known they were there day 1, we would have left the freezer bare.  I also had my share of chocolate milk from Oberweis. 

Mom introduced the girls to the Rainbow Loom.  I had avoided it for so long....I hate when I am cleaning out the house and I just find TRENDY stuff that was bought in a FAD moment---junk! Waste! I decided the Rainbow Loom would be a passing fad and declared that we would not participate.  Mom and the girls won. I cursed it up and down and finally made one bracelet. 

At Great Grandma and Grandpas's house we had Chicago pizza and I found a lone caffeine free diet coke that tasted like nothing.  Turns out it had expired in 2007. Classic.  Lolly tried on Grandma's mink.

Going around town I spotted 2 yarn bomb installations as well as two that I had left this summer---still there!

Jason and I saw Frozen.  It was very fun.  Loved the unexpected bits.  Loved the music of course.  When we came out of the theatre, it was as if Queen Elsa had paid us a visit!

We love Grammy  & Papa's House.

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  1. Well you definitely brightened up our very long winter! We are soooooooooo happy you came! The picture of Pickle in the small rocker and on the phone really makes me laugh! That was hilarious! And BTW: Lolly discovered my stash of chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon rolls day1 !