Wednesday, February 5, 2014

6th Grade Class Play

This year is the first that Phoebe has studied a foreign language.  Though it was hard at the beginning, she has come a long way in German and Spanish.  The 6th grade put on a play entirely in Spanish.  

For weeks she has been working on memorizing her lines.  For some reason she delivers them in a misty, deep tone, that reminds me of a spanish soap opera.  It has become a little joke in our house.

I really have no idea what this play is about, but I thought it was perfectly middle school awkward with a few confident souls thrown in there and also visually pleasing.  Way to go Phoebz.


  1. Why aren't we living in that next door studio apartment???!!!! We are missing EVERYTHING!

  2. My curiosity is overwhelming right now. This is pretty cool. I want to hear more details about this! I want to hear the lines!!!!! I wish I couldve been there. That cute girl looks like you