Sunday, February 9, 2014


Today is Jason's birthday.  I knew he would be wrapped up in church duties today, so I tried to make YESTERDAY special for him.  Pickle and I braved the elements and obtained a dozen vegan donuts (you should really click the link and watch the vid) & hot cocoa for his breakfast.

After cleaning the church (bathrooms. boo.) we headed back home to be cozy and watch the Olympics.  I fell asleep in my bed, complete with NO SHEETS because it was sheets laundry day.  It was such an awesome nap.

That afternoon we went shopping at Paragon Sports to get him a birthday present. He picked out 3 nondescript black running hats that were 30% off and called it good.  We then went to one of my favorite restaurants that happens to be vegan-Peacefood Downtown.  And everybody pretty much hated it.

Looking at their faces across the table from me was like Memphis all over again.  They were SO GRUMPY that entire trip.  Then when it was time to head home everybody had to go to the bathroom. When you use the bathroom after someone else has used it AT A VEGAN RESTAURANT….beware. 

I wanted to get vegan dessert but they had all had it.

We went home and got in jammies and watched the Olympics.  That's what they all wanted to do all along.  I then picked up a chocolate bar for Jason and got the wrong kind.  

It was a pretty big birthday fail for my part.  I think he forgives me though.

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