Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This was my 4th year attending the marketplace at Vogue Knitting Live.  Every year my eyes seem to take in something new and different, depending on how my skill set has grown over the past year, and my budget.

This year my budget was: $0.00

I expected to go over budget, but was very proud of myself when I did not.

I do have a few regrets though. One is not snagging some of the most beautiful alpaca with a tiny shimmer woven in.  I went to their website and saw that it is still under construction, and then I looked up where their farm is and resolved to perhaps drive all the way out there for a little field trip.

Here are the stories of Vogue Knitting Live:

I had a nice conversation with Kelly Fleek, who makes avant grade awesome knit pieces.  She told me about an old airstream she bought and rehabbed for her office.  She said that if the curtains are closed, she is counting lace and you better not knock.  She also showed me her tattoos which were quite extraordinary.  I am not a tattoo girl, but I really liked hers.

There were a bunch of crazy outfits and hairdos this year---lots of blue dye in hair!  And crazy tights.

I met up with the girl at Lion Brand who helped design the pattern for their Katniss Cowl, so we took a pic together.
I was also excited to meet the head of marketing for Lopi, all the way from Iceland--she promised me a tour of their factory the next time I came around town.
This was my outfit: I wanted to show my proudest knitting achievements since the last VKL.
We saw amazing sights at VKL including Suede and Vicki Howell and Debbie Bliss.  I also discovered YAK YARN which I want to knit with stat.  And I am STILL COVETING THIS SKEIN OF AMAZINGNESS.  Can't wait for next year---I'm saving my pennies.

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  1. It was an awesome weekend! My friend and I were exhibiting outside the marketplace, so we didn't have much time to shop. Have you taken any classes?