Thursday, January 2, 2014

Third Person Thursday

She found the case the week before Christmas.  She found a lot of nits and just one live lice.  She knew better than to just leave the head alone, but the holidays were upon them, and she told herself, if she missed anything, the eggs would hatch and she could do some more killing right after Christmas.

The thing is….nits stay put, but lice can move.

She did a thorough check every day from Christmas to New Years and found something moving every. single. time.

She thought about using the cetaphil-paralyze/suffocate the lice treatment since the one shampoo she did, killed nothing….but that takes hours and hours and she didn't have that kind of time.

Last night she had found only 1 nit after going through 3 quadrants of hair, and she was hoping that one was at least dead since she hat flat ironed the entire head a few days earlier, in an attempt to kill whatever came in contact with it. (she saved it in a baggy for evidence, to see if it would indeed, hatch.)

Then the fourth quadrant, and a little crawler.

She had had it.

She went to the inter webs searching for more.

A salon in New Hampshire with a special killing lice machine---not too far, 6 hours? let's go.

An electronic lice comb for sale on amazon…..

Hair fairies--with the cutest little lice infested girl you ever did see on their demo videos.

Finally she googled "lice lady" brooklyn whom she had heard was amazing.

Within minutes she had her on the phone and it was all set.  Now everyone could get screened and hopefully nothing would be found on anyone, or she would at least be able to shed light on the reason she could NOT get on top of this case of lice.

She went to the kitchen for a cup of tea to calm her nerves.  A dishtowel out of place, she swooped it up to hang back on the rack, but a cup of orange juice went flying all across the kitchen.  Her little lice infested daughter thought it would be a good idea to pour a little cup and then put a towel over the top of it and just leave it there.

She called her daughter over who at first had absolutely no memory of the event, even though it had happened mere moments before.  Finally she recalled--yes I DID do that.  And she then asked WHY?

No answer.

She answered for her: Because you're strange.

Kids, really they are so weird.

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