Thursday, January 9, 2014

Frigidness and Friends

Pickle and I survived the coldest week ever by cuddling, watching Disney Jr. and playing DOTS.  When we had to go out, we went in the van.  We even hung out in the warm van for hours at a time so that we could pick up both Bigs without ever feeling cold air in between.  This resulted in lost keys, poop extraction because we forgot a diaper, a light being left on and a jump start from triple A.  Good Times.

This week whenever I said: SMILE PICKLE, she made a face that was nothing like a smile.  It was the OPPOSITE of a smile.  She also practiced some good tantrums and tried to fall asleep on the subway at my suggestion, only couldn't help smiling while closing her eyes.

In between the Pickle hangouts, I hung out with this California lady, who brought this frigid weather to us. It froze pipes in my building, followed by crazy driers in the hallways, providing the perfect wind machine for her blanket coat photoshoot.  She had such a poor attitude the 4 years she lived here, I know the polar vortex was just trying to get her back!

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