Friday, January 31, 2014

My Loves

The Bigs in swimsuits and the little all in the shower. When I realized that was going on INSTEAD of chores and commanded everyone out, Phoebe blamed it on Pickle: PIckle MADE us get in here with her.

after a very wet morning of skiing, wanting to go on the real hills with our friend.

We were at grand central station and a lady came up and complimented my friend and me and then quickly explained she had 4 tumors and then lifted up her shirt to show us her bare stomach and said tumors protruding out.  You had a very hard time recovering from that--almost lost your appetite for the shack burger.

So skinny and skin and bones and ribs (those are bones I guess)

While knitting: This is paradise!

Mom, that advice you gave me about not letting my friends have power over me was the best advice. Now I'm a happy little duck.

Taking tubbies with Pickle, you are a good sister to her.

Loving your new romper.

Holding your own in a fight with Phoebe--enduring her.

Loving skiing and wanting to go again and again.

The ups and downs of middle school "relationships"

Dancing around the house.

If the blinds are open, you have a conversation with us, whilst looking at your reflection in the window.

Passing lice check at school! Hallelujah--keep that head lice free girl.

Love your outfit combinations

Still loving the Pickle even though you are growing up.

When it's just the two of us, you still hold my hand.

Oh the prank calls from a certain someone coughed: (boy)

Practicing the spanish for your class play cracks us both up. Your delivery is ALL telemundo soap opera.


Trying to wake me up one morning with ill-timed kisses on my nose, right next to my lips…your smack would be slightly before or slightly after contact. It worked. I woke up.

the way you play with food---I don't know what your brain is doing. One night while I was making dinner, you put all the asparagus stalks into my water bottle.

liking dark chocolate caramels

Saying Ew every time we pick a booger or change a diaper, or you see something out of the ordinary.

Words: Snow (no) Babies (Ba Ba), Show (doh), yeah, all done, na (snack), Doh (show), Juice (joo), a version of both your sister's names

Licking your hands and then smearing them on my face.

Contorting my face with your fingers while you are in the ergo

Walking into nursery like you own the place and apparently you hit AND push.

Always wanting to take a Bu-pee (tubby) with Lolly and when she agrees, you RUN to the cupboard to grab 2 cups to play with.

Ruining said tubby time by POOPING ALL OVER THE TUB (me having to clean it up because the normal poop cleaner upper is out serving the people of Queens!)

Telling me POO-POO and then going in the toilet--THRICE! Early potty-training here we come.

Offering to pick up the Bigs from school to spare me the crazy blizzard, only to find yourself in the car with them, no dvd player working, no snacks, traveling 3 miles in over 5 hours.


Sometimes doubting I know stuff, and when I tell you I know stuff, you let it go…

Idea guy! You had a pretty good one this month!

Being so tired.  You are working very hard honey.

Making a conscious effort to pray out loud in family prayer the private prayers so that my children know I am thinking about them, concerned for them, and praying for them.

Sending myself a letter from 1994 (actually someone else sent it, but I wrote it 20 years ago) that had my testimony at age 14.  I was on the right track back then.

Vegan cooking---I am doing so well for my husband.

Tim Gunn passing me and then deciding to double back because I had to and I would always wonder, and he was amazing of course!

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