Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mormon Helping Hands

Maybe some of you have seen this video about the service that Mormon Helping Hands offered in the Rockaways during Hurricane Sandy.  It is very touching and I love it.

The Graybeards, a service organization of the Rockaways, have an annual dinner to build community, raise money and honor those that made a difference in the past year.  Jason and I were invited among other leaders of our church and missionaries serving in the area, to represent the Mormons!  We don't get out much, so we were excited to dress up and have a date.

It was at a giant banquet facility complete with the hydraulic Bride and Groom elevator reveal through the floor machine.

Those Graybeards are a crazy bunch who love to show affection and dance.  At one point the DJ called for a dance off between the the other award recipient (Habitat for Humanity) and Mormon Helping Hands.  Missionaries are not allowed to dance and nobody else seemed game, so Jason and I represented on the dance floor.  I danced until my quads hurt, which was about 3 minutes into it.  One of our older church leaders commented that I looked so young, people would think a missionary was dancing!  I think he needs to get his eyes checked.

By 10:00 PM Salad was served, and Jason and I were totally stuffed from the cocktail hour nosh that we headed home.  I was looking forward to my meal, but the next day was very busy so we slipped on out.

Here is a video documenting the event:


  1. I would've been all over that SisM for her dress. smh. haha

    ps - this is really cool. I like like like it.

    1. I love this post! I love the feelings I have as I think about what you experienced! I love the Graybeards and the Rockaways neighborhood!

      Great Job! Good documentation! I am so proud of you all!