Sunday, January 26, 2014


This is one of my besties.  She is starting a new business venture that I will tell you all about when she is up and running.

She needed some pix for her new website and I offered to help out!

I think they turned out just fine.

I am an ameteur, so I do not guarantee results, but I tried hard to make my new camera WORK for me, had it on manual the whole time and I think I did pretty good!  After she treated the pickle and me to lunch (and dessert) at the most delicious place on the planet!


  1. Good luck, Mary! Whatever you are pursuing....I want it!

  2. I love these pics of your Bestie. She is beautifl and classy and you did a great job of projecting that. When I see beautiful, classy older women, it makes me excited to be growing older "and better".

  3. Her hair is MAJOR. I absolutely love it. ~ Megan