Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Makeup Tutorial: Dry Shampoo

I have one more makeup tutorial up and ready to share.  This one is about Dry Shampoo.  Maybe you already have dry shampoo in your routine, and if so that is a miracle for you.

Utilizing Dry Shampoo has cut my shampooing down to once or twice a week.  I WISH I had known about this my entire life.  Especially now that I am wearing my hair long, I hate getting it wet because that means I have to blow it out…which takes time and so I like to save that for just a few times a week.

Here is the dry shampoo I love, but I have also tried this and like it.

Fun Fact: Did you know that rubbing baby powder on you after a day at the beach makes the sand fall right off?

Finally I understand powder! Never did before.

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  1. Your video was so cute! Thanks for the tip, I've never used dry shampoo. After my second baby girl, things have gotten so busy. As a teen, I could wash my hair daily it was so oily. Now in my mid 30s, my hair has gotten much dryer and I am trying to shampoo less.