Tuesday, January 21, 2014


This year I am trying to use up my stash and drum up a little business while I'm at it.  I have been instagramming my creations and someone suggested I use the hat technique I was employing (chunky hat, a large mix of yarns) to make a MINNIE hat.  I like Disneyland but I am not a huge Minnie/Mickey fan.  I tried to THINK LIKE A FAN. I did some research online and decided to create the perfect Minnie hat for the savvy teen and her mom.

I love both versions of these Minnie Hats.  The left one is an inside out knit hat with a stripe of SUPER BULKY red yarn and the best part---a tiny and delicate sparkly petticoat popping out to frame the face and salute Minnie's style.

The right one is a roll brim knit hat with the polka dots and pom pom Minnie ears.  Both are fantastic but I am partial to the first one.

I may try to recreate a cleaner version of this that will be made to order in my shop…but for now these two are going to some very special ladies in SOCAL.

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  1. You better stock up on those Minnie hats because people are going to be stopping those girls in SOCAL and asking where they can buy one? Marvelous creation, I say!