Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I Watch!

Its SAG awards time again, so I have been viewing a lot of movies lately.  Here's the rundown:

The Hobbit--very enjoyable…we are big fans of all of these movies…fun to see our girl from LOST as an elf. (not one of my sag ones, just saw it recently)

Saving Mr. Banks--Emma Thompason! what stamina!  so proud of myself for taking it all in and remaining neutral, I have come a long way!  Loved the actors that made up the writing team.

Enough Said- FLICK with STICKS!  Julia Louis Dreyfuss doesn't change that much…knowing J. Gandolfini passed shortly after this, made me look at him as if he was a bit sick…he did seem a bit labored and like he could keel over--this was distracting for me.  I also found it fairly predictable, but it was fun. Loved her knitted yellow blanket maybe most of all.

Philomena-had no idea what this was about, was not disappointed. you need to go see this.

Gravity-did not know what to expect. So glad I did not see this in the theatre…so interesting…how did they make this film?

Catching Fire-loved it. love the books…Stanley Tucci. (also not one of my sag ones)

The Butler-thought I wouldn't like oprah, but she ended up not bothering me.  Had a harder time believing Rickman as Reagan than Williams as (who did he play?) the other president.  In general I enjoyed the cameos, could have done without Mariah…interesting story.

Blue Jasmine-Woody Allen…I was so tired at the end of this…you can skip it unless you want to see Cate Blanchett do good work.

Just have to finish Captain Phillips and then I will finally vote.

So many movies! All so different! I love when it is cold out and I get discs in the mail and emails with codes and free tickets! It has been a fun few weeks.


  1. Our favorites have been August: Osage County. Couldn't tear ourselves away. Would've loved to see it on Bway, actually - now that I saw the movie. Would be interesting comparison. Cate Blanchet was so great in Blue Jasmine. Philamena was a surprise that we loved, only thought we'd watch a bit then go to bed - had to stay up to see the end and if she finds her son!! Enjoyed Capt. Phillips a lot. Both Adam and I thought the buzz around American Hustle is a little overrated, but maybe we were expecting more bc of all the hype. Wished I had seen Gravity in the theatre, actually, even though maybe a little motion sickness. ;) I love screener season. :) Adam voted!

  2. I could go see Saving Mr. Banks again - amazing performances by both Hanks and Thompson. I was suprised they didn't get some votes. I enjoyed Captain Phillips and glad it received some votes. Gravity was interesting but I hated the ending. The Butler was very entertaining and I'm surprised it was ignored. I want to see Nebraska and August: Osage County and Catching Fire. Peter saw the Wall Street movie with Leonardo Dicaprio but he didn't really care for it. Lots of good movies this year.

  3. I feel like I should leave you the same comment you left me on my blog. I feel like I have no clue about any movies that have come out in the last 3 years. I haven't even heard of most of these - super out of it. When I start doing movies again, I will come back here! I did love Saving Mr. Banks