Friday, January 3, 2014

Katniss Cowl

I had a handmade gift planned for Phoebe and I finished it, but then I just got this bee in my bonnet to make her Katniss' cowl from Catching Fire.  It happened days before Christmas and I obsessed on it.

I had already bought so many things for Christmas that I knew there was no more budget for yarn.  Actually, I tried to find an inexpensive option but there was no grey heather to be found.  I opted to frog my poncho.

I never wear it and the yarn is so awesome…I knew I would not regret taking it apart.  I learned a lot from making the poncho, and it's time for this yarn to have a new life. (Incidentally I just read in the novel I am reading that the mother's would frog their children's sweaters after they grew out of them to make something new).

I scoured the internet, ravelry, etsy, every place to find a pattern for this cowl.  I read a few free ones and studied photos.  I finally decided I would just make it up.  I am happy with nearly all of it.  If I were to make another, I would make the coils wider, the 3rd coil I would make the same way I did the first two instead of just bulking it up with stitches, and I would make the wrap around shorter--it hangs too low in the back.  Like I said, I was just improvising, so I had to make it work.
But honestly, I think it is one of the most authentic I have seen.

Truly one of my proudest accomplishments.


  1. "If I were to make another"...........can we all take a number?

  2. The style of this is fabulous and you have done a fabulous job recreating it. Phoebe is a beauty!

  3. What your mom said. That is gorgeous. Also, DOES THAT MEAN YOUR HALLOWEEN THEME IS HUNGER GAMES?!?! You know you wanna have cotton candy pink hair.

  4. Even RBH admitted "THAT IS SICK!" Its true --good work, girl.

  5. BEST replica I've seen so far! This is awesome! So, did you write down a pattern? Any tips? I crochet and I am determined to make one!

    1. I argee! Best replica i've seen!