Monday, January 27, 2014


ditty (ˈditi– plural ˈditties – noun
a simple little song.

Sing this if you'd like:

We ordered mexican food from our favorite place the other night.  This time we ordered an extra salsa because we all love it and they send a huge bag of chips and a tiny little salsa.

We unpacked the chips and salsa, and it looked a lot different than it normally looked--smooth and red---KETCHUP!

Unsatisfied, and knowing how close we were to the restaurant, we called back and asked for replacement salsa.  The guy on the phone asked us if we ordered anything that required ketchup.  Nope. 

The delivery guy came back with a tiny bag and instead of 2, 3 extra salsas.

We unpacked it and found all 3 were filled with ketchup.

Is somebody playing a trick on us?

We caught him before he had left our floor and showed him the 3 ketchups.

He came back about 7 minutes later with 3 salsas and 5 ketchups just stood there, not eaten.


The snow came tumbling out of the sky right around when school was starting.  Pickle and I gazed out the window as the hours passed wondering how in the world we were going to pick up the Bigs.  I expressed my concerns to Jason and he volunteered to leave work early and pick up the girls and bring them home.

He left his building at 2, picked up Lolly, and then swung across town to pick up Phoebe at 3:30.  They walked through the door at 8:30 PM.  It took 5 hours to drive 3 miles.  They called me here and there to get a little pep talk.  At one point Jason told me Phoebe was in love with a boy in her class and he wanted to see his pic.  I texted him a pic of the boy in class that Phoebe would NEVER consider liking and that was probably the most they laughed that entire 5 hours.

I watched my ilife app to see their progress, and every time I saw how slow they were moving I actually laughed out loud.


I saved up a little money to treat myself to some Madelinetosh Sock Yarn in Robin Red Breast.  I made a special trip to one of my favorite stores in Brooklyn and painstakingly picked out just the right skein.

Later that night I set up my makeshift swift by looping the hank of yarn around my blanket rack.  I sat in my chair and began winding it into a ball of yarn.  

I sat there thinking how therapeutic it is to sit and wind yarn into a ball until the task is complete.  The repetitive motion soothes the soul, calms the mind and brings some inner peace.  After a disjointed day, this was exactly what I needed to be doing.

Phoebe asked me to find something.  I asked her to continue winding as I did a sweep of the apartment. 70 seconds later I returned to a tangled mess of yarn! My beautiful brand new yarn was now a rat's nest of frustration.

I was so angry.  I tried to fix it, but my inner peace had completely reversed into frustration and agitation.  I made Phoebe work on it, since she was the one who did it.  4 hours later it still wasn't completely untangled.  I did some snipping and tried to salvage what I could, but it was now 3 balls of yarn and 1 ball of tangled mess. 

Yarn defiled.


  1. Bad things happen in sets of threes? This has been a challenging winter!

  2. The ketchup thing cracked me up, so funny.