Monday, January 13, 2014

Adventure: Skiing

I am SO remiss for not taking the Bigs skiing in their life yet.  A friend of mine invited us to stay in a house he rented last weekend for his 40th Birthday celebration and I jumped right on board to go!

The week before we had been dealing with negative temperatures, but it warmed up to 50's just in time for skiing. But! It rained the entire time.  I have never seen clothes SO WET.

The Bigs started the morning with a few emotions about outfits and falling and being embarrassed and out of the comfort zone, but after their "BORING" lesson they took to the hills with some very capable adults and ended the wet day on a very positive note.

They want to go back.

Pickle and I hung out in the lodge (which is not what my imagination thought it would be, it was a cafeteria with "meh" food. oh well. we had fun.)

SHE had fun.

It was a great trip, looking forward to doing it again, once we save up some pennies. Boy Howdy that is an expensive hobby.

Move over cashmere, the hills have it.

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