Monday, March 2, 2015

my loves


This is my VERY OWN PUPPY (pulling a turtle by it's measuring tape tail)....
ME: What's your puppy's name?

This conversation: ask me something, don't like the answer, and then you ask: WHY NOT? and it is the CUTEST inflection the most adorable thing I have ever heard, I just want you to task me WHY NOT every day.

Obsession with french fries and donuts.

You like to name your friends, and they can only be people around your size.

P: mom, look at my hair! I have ice cream in my hair....dontcha?

reflecting on pre-k...talking through all her friends from days gone  by: " And then, my best friend SOUTH AFRICA! I was devastated!" "And Jack, we would hold hands during music time but then the next day I was NOT INTERESTEd....I felt so guilty!"

Your positive energy is very contagious.

You are having a few friend issues and I really admire the way you are handling it with a mature attitude.

You are so devoted to your little sister. You play so well together.

You are getting so good at the flute!

I knelt down to pray and found all 3 girls "praying" across the tub from me.

sometimes I glance over at you and I am astounded at who you are! You are so grown up now!

We bought your first pair of adult size jeans at the gap this month (WHAT?) We are almost the same size!

When we talked to you about some family issues I saw some effort, which was nice to see your response.

Obsessed with ONCE UPON A TIME

Still trying to figure out how you can get a smart phone.

you're the man.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

I Knit: Sulka Cardigan

I bought this beautiful chunky alpaca on craftsy. It was on sale.  I used the stashbot app to figure out how much I would need for a sweater. I am pretty sure I bought two more than I needed, but I understand because it is a cropped sweater with short sleeves.  Still, I'd rather have too much than too little, but the app let me down a bit.

I love making sweaters now! Putting them together has been made easier by my (all be it little) experience sewing clothes.  Sometimes it's hard to figure out how these two pieces will fit together, but then they do!  It's magic!  

I reluctantly pulled this dress out while I was trying to style the sweater today and it ended up being JUST the thing to wear with it! The weather got a bit warmer today and so I was actually quite comfortable in this dreamy frock.

Friday, February 20, 2015

I Swatch!

I have been listening to a new podcast called WOOLFUL. I am OBSESSED of course. Now I think I need a herd of sheep and a yak to go with them---thanks a lot Ashley.  My eyes have been opened to Brooklyn Tweed and my new life pursuit is to knit one of their sweaters with their yarn and also to be one of their models. It's possible right? Cindy and I did the today show together?!  I spotted Cindy on their site!






I can't afford it right now. Boo. But I'm using the secret to will the yarn and the pattern into my lap!

GAH! The podcast is making me WANT so much.

BUT! I have had some of my needs satisfied recently when my designer friend asked me to swatch for his fashion design interviews.  He did not give me patterns, just asked me to improvise based on a drawing and then do a cable and a chevron. I felt proud of myself that I could deliver on this request!

It was really fun thinking about doing something on a professional scale.  It gave me a taste of what's it's like to design these patterns that I covet and want to knit!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Third Person Thursday

On her fingers, she counted to 7. She had never tried for a baby that long. Granted, she had never miscarried before either, and she wasn't sure how long a uterus needs to reset, though she was as regular as she had ever been in her life, ever.  Even the month of the miscarriage after bleeding for weeks, she had just a few days respite when on day 28--the blood was back.

She found this website called THE 2 WEEK WAIT.  "YES!", she thought. She also paused and examined that punctuation just now, oh well.  YES! 2 WEEK WAIT. For the past 7 cycles she had been measuring her life in increments of 2 weeks.  2 weeks until she would try, 2 weeks until she knew. Repeat.

Maybe she should take folic acid. Maybe she should stop using her nasacort.  Maybe she shouldn't sign up for that half marathon. Maybe she shouldn't buy those pants.  Maybe she shouldn't get that dental x-ray.

Just in case.

The days would tick up, 22, 23, 24. Wait, was that a wave of nausea? Did she pee twice in an hour? Why did every single super bowl commercial make her cry? Why did her nose suddenly start bleeding?  Were these signs? 25, 26, 27.....28! Start over again.

She knew she was ovulating, she knew she was timing everything right.  She knew that she could get pregnant for goodness sake, but the waiting, waiting, waiting, not knowing, not being able to plan.

She felt down, depressed, flailing.  She felt stuck too.

She resolved to take a break. It's the last thing she should do given her age, and her husband's age, and the gap between children ever expanding, but as soon as she made the choice she felt...


In Control.






The 2 Week Wait felt like prison.  She knows that if she had had to endure this wait with her previous children, she might not have had any.  She loves loves loves babies and creating life, but there is so much more she wants to think about, try for, do.  

She can't get swallowed up in this period of infertility.  She just can't endure it...she feels like water in a tub, about to get sucked down into that vortex which leads, where?  

Sorry, she can't tell you where, because she's staying put.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love Scarf Project February Delivery

We managed to gather 22 scarves and 2 hats to contribute to the LSP February Valentine's Day delivery.  I was so pleased that a select few did not lose steam.  I even got a few notes from people who have not had time to send them in yet! SO next year you will still have a chance!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I Knit: Granny Square Raglan Pull Over

I saw a sweater at the Lion Brand Studio Store in NYC. I loved it. I then did a little research and found a few images of people wearing it and LOVED IT.

Lately I have been very drawn to Alpaca Wool and natural fibers with a little sparkle. I have a problem where I just grab one skein of something that suits my fancy and then my only option is to make a hat.  I love making hats but I have too many.

This sweater was the answer to my problem because I got to use a little bit of each yarn in the making of it!

Also I had imagined this heathered alpaca I bought as the sleeve and back and I was so excited.

As I got started I realized I probably wouldn't have enough of the heathered alpaca so I used this beautiful pinkish purple tweed I got at Vogue Knitting Live for the back.  I started running out so I created a yoke of stripes for the back from same yarn as the granny square.

The sleeves were made according to pattern and I thought they were too short, but then I saw in the photo that her sleeves were 3/4 length. I added an extra long ribbing wrist cuff

As I was piecing it together I realized my sleeves were not fitting with the granny square.  I had knit a gauge and done everything correctly, but there was a snafu and I couldn't get my head through the neck hole.  

I was pretty proud of myself because I figured out how to pick up some stitches on the top of my already finished sleeve and created a triangle that allowed for just enough space for the neckband.  I did the same thing on both sides and it fixed the problem! I was SOOOOOO proud of myself, like I am still beaming about it weeks later.  I love it. It's warm, it fits me perfectly, it's all my favorite colors and yarns and it was knit AND crochet and the end.