Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Party

This year for our church Christmas party I was asked to host. Of course that meant I needed a Santa suit! (right?)

The sweetest part of the night was our children in the Live Nativity. Lolly was the narrator and Pickle played a little lamb.  At first she ran away and tore her hat off, but then I told her: "Hurry! You need to go be a sheep and look at the baby Jesus!" So she found just the right spot RIGHT in front of Mary  and right next to our real life 5 day old Baby Jesus!

Thursday, December 18, 2014


This season Phoebe has started playing on her school basketball team.  Their team is so small they have to play the WHOLE game. Phoebe was on it, working so hard out there. Her cheeks turned pink! I can tell the girls really respect their coaches and try so hard out there. She is the tallest on the team so she does the tip off at the top of the game and plays all the way through. 

I am looking forward to seeing her develop as a player this season!

Go Dragons!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Flute Tour

Lolly had a very extensive group of performances this month.  She played with Sir James Galway for his birthday celebration on WNYC at the Green Space and also with him at Carnegie Hall that same week!  Interspersed in there were Winter's Eve performances and her school recital.  

She did amazingly well keeping up with the pace and stress of having to know MANY pieces. She was a total pro! I was so proud of her.  And to top it all off she received the highest score on her juries that she has gotten in years!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Brooklyn Holiday Half

My friend Annie convinced me (and a few others) to run a half marathon with her yesterday.  Once I committed I had just enough time to train up to it.  I hadn't run barely at all over the summer since I was battling pregnancy symptoms, so I was a little out of shape.  

My first trial run I did about 4-5 miles and so I knew I could conquer the training.  However, I quickly got caught up in some IT band pain.  During my 6 mile run I fought through the pain until my body physically would not run.  I started stretching and training very little during the week and got through my 7, 8 and 9 mile runs.  During my 9-mile run I really pushed through the pain and my ability to run started to be compromised.  

Jason and I talked about it (because he has had an IT band issue in the past as well) and decided I should stretch and rest for 4 weeks.  I did that, running for the first time at the jingle bell jog LAST Saturday-- 4 miles went really well.

I'm glad I did a trial run of the green metallic leggings. They are AWESOME but not for running.  

I got my Team Sparkle on and went for it at the Brooklyn Holiday Half.  

Here we are carbing up the night before:

It was an out and back marathon along the shore, where we did the same loop twice in a row.  The wind was at our backs on the way out and against us on the way in....the last leg was wind against us which was deadly.

I lost one glove within the first mile so gave up my other one when I saw Jason because I like things to be even and my hands were plenty warm by then.  I then lost my Grinch hat before I got to the 3-ish mile turn around. I was disappointed because I wanted to run as the grinch! I had thought about fashion taping it to my running hat but never did! MISTAKE!

I started feeling my IT band before mile 4.  As I headed back to the Start/Finish line for my second loop I seriously considered quitting, because I thought I could maybe make it to the check point again (mile 9), but then I would be ALL THE WAY out at the turn around and half to walk all the way back.

I went back and forth between thoughts: My friends are here! My sparkle team is here running with me! My family is on the race course. I rested for a month just to quit?  I can't finish last of all my team, I can't walk this....I have to run because I'm here, I can't let my team down.

None of these thoughts convinced me to keep going....finally this is what did it: I am running this for myself, I can't let myself down.
And isn't that the gift of running in general and specificly running something hard?---a lesson. Don't let MYSELF down. 

Mantras I adopted along the way:

I can do hard things.

I am going to have to work for this one.


Show my daughters that I don't quit.


Once I could see the finish line I had been quite hungry for at least a mile.  I started feeling woozy...I hoped I would not faint.  My hands were so cold, I was just balling them in fists. I was leaning into the wind to try to break it the best I could.  I just stared at my shoes for miles.  Around Mile 9 the pain in my IT band was joined by my opposite knee, hips and toes.  It was one of the more brutal races I have run.
But I finished. I finished quicker than I expected at 2:20:17.
As the day progressed I got more and more sore.  I took a tylenol upon retiring because I did not want pain to wake me, I needed to rest after that.  

The moral of my story: maybe I shouldn't try to keep up with my friends in their twenties...because it hurts.  Also, I am going to try hard not to let myself down in everything I do.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Yarn Bombing: Old Navy Bumper Cars

I follow a bunch of different fiber artists on instagram.  One that I follow was posting pix of a yarn bomb installation in the San Francisco Old Navy.  In that store is a yarn bombed pick up truck.

A few weeks later she started posting pix of this BUMPER CAR installation in NYC! I was pretty psyched. Bumper Cars are way better than a pick up.
And then Pickle noticed that she had been styled perfectly for the display across the way and got her live modeling on.

It's Christmas Time in the city....LOVE.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Macy's Santaland

This may be my cutest Macy's Santaland capture in 13 years of going.  I love her little outfit and smile.
 Our bow didn't make it from home to Santaland so thankfully there was a BUILD A BEAR WORKSHOP right outside the entrance and I bought some teddy bear sparkly bows for her hair.
These two are the cutest friends.  I loved their HUG pose.

Confession: we went through twice. I was hoping to get a different Santa even though every elf will maintain there is only one Santa. (Explain this then, elves).   

The elves recognized us and sent us to the same Santa, (the ONE Santa), and Pickle was good to just watch from a few feet away the second time.

Apparently there are express passes to Santaland available to reserve online now. I see no reason for me to do that because I have never once had to wait in a line. I always go the second week of December on a Tuesday or Wednesday at 9/10 in the morning. It is like our own personal experience. No express pass needed.

Video Here.