Monday, January 23, 2017

Checking In.

My eye has been twitching since I turned a page on the new year.  It ALWAYS twitches for a reason.  I can't figure this one out though!  Once I do, it stops almost immediately.

It does come and go.  It will stop when I am engaged in something that also produces adrenaline, so the good news is, that I have been able to manage it in that way quite a bit.

I have put full force and full energy into my Kristy Glass Knits youtube channel. It is bringing me so much joy.  Each morning when I walk my outdoor walk, I think about it!  I love when ideas just hit me and I have to get them out of my head into whatever form the idea is meant to take.

I feel sad that I am still not getting calls from my agent, but I also feel very empowered that I am creating something 100% on my own.  It feels so rewarding to be my own boss.

Monday, January 2, 2017

January 2017

Oh man, it's the 2nd day of January and I have PMS something fierce and school has not started yet. Jason has been really sick for the past SEVERAL days (including a trip to the ER for a bronchitis diagnosis on New Years Eve), and so I feel like I have been going it alone. Coughing sounds do not stop and I am really over it.  

I think due to the PMS I am having a hard time turning the page on this year.  I usually feel motivated and goal oriented but I am having a LOT of self doubt.

I call this: I can't be awake with myself.

Again. PMS.

So I will be gentle on myself and give myself about another week before I dig into 2017.  

We've got this. I've got this.


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Best 16 of 2016 for Kristy Glass Knits

When I stared my Kristy Glass Knits youtube channel and instagram feed, I never expected the many knitting adventures this year would bring! I am SO looking forward to 2017!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Life Lesson

It's been a year! Upon reflection, my favorite lesson:

I’m Right. She’s Wrong. 
She’s Wrong. I’m Right.
Sound Familiar?

And so the most powerful move, is to first humble yourself.
And then, just, apologize.
But it must be without ANY expectation.
Because if you are both certain the other is wrong, the only way to make progress is for one of you to apologize.

And so let’s talk about Truth. Yours. Hers.
Maybe you are still right and she is still wrong-that’s true.  And maybe she thinks SHE is right and YOU are wrong….that’s ALSO true! 
The difference is that YOU are willing to know that is true and also apologize for THEIR truth.

And it takes time
So very much time

But when it happens, and your EXACT expectations are met-NOTHING offered in return, it doesn’t matter….because

You are finally free.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

MTV Stockings

I ended the year knitting stockings for MTV. It was a really fun, collaborative effort and I just loved doing it! Thanks for having me!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Report

December was filled with knitting the Christmas presents, the MTV Stockings and nursing people back to health. I don't think I have been to 3 hours of church in weeks.  Ever since my cold in Thanksgiving, SOMEONE has been sick, including today as I write this. Christmas was so hard because so many of the players were under the weather. We missed out on concerts and events and parties and didn't have our full Posse in action for anything!  In the middle of it all 3 of us got violent stomach flu!  We will be glad to turn a corner on the new year and find health and happiness and energy again!  The last month was a hard one, but truly 2016 was a blessing of a year! We have EVERYTHING to be grateful for!

Here are a few favorite snaps from Christmas:

Mom and Dad: Christmas King and Queen

Our Sunday best!

A little Boxing Day Shenanigans

My newest nieces is the CUTEST

Alpaca Jam-Jams on Christmas morning!

Love seeing the adults expressions!

My people!

Baby's first Christmas!

Jason trying out Darby's BEATZ

More Boxing Day Fun:

Christmas Eve with the Mama and the Babies:

Courtney made special Christmas Eve Program dresses for the Littles, reminiscent of some of our best outfits of days gone by...

I knit some sweaters!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Track Mom

I was not a witness to the conversation, but sometime between the volleyball try-outs not going so well and the little sister thriving in her swim team practices, there was a conversation between father and daughter in which a little challenge was presented.  And D has been determined to prove him wrong and she has been running her little patootie off.

Track meets are proving challenging to endure with this lady, but when our Sister gets on that track it is pretty exciting.

So far the relay has had some highs and lows, and a lot of in between.  Track Mom. Never in a million years did I ever think I would have that on my list.