Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Parade 2014

After church we headed to 5th avenue to be a part of this annual community event.  We picked out the makings for our hats last week and then donned them to take a little stroll, up the avenue.  An added bonus was that the fabrege eggs that had been strewn about the whole city were all collected in one place, so we got to see them all!

And guess who we spotted again this year! Bill Cunningham!

WHAT? It looks like he was gonna take my pic does it? We'll see!!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Traditionally the Easter Bunny visits our house on Saturday morning.

This year the Bunny came Sunday morning.

And it totally proved why the Bunny should come on Saturdays ONLY, especially when we have 9 AM church.

It was crazy town trying to get ready.

We took about 4 minutes to take our traditional Easter portrait, and so that is why it is blurry, Pickle's eyes are closed and my facial expression is absolutely willing everyone to look Eastery.

Oh my life.

We are so grateful to Our Savior and the Atonement. He LIVES!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nursemaid's Elbow

We had a wonderful little Easter Egg hunt yesterday. It was Pickle's first time.  She didn't quite understand the concept of gathering the eggs.  Oh well.

On our way home we stopped by Chipotle and she got the kids meal. I pretty much ate all of her chips. Chipotle ships--so good--who knew?

I don't really ORDER chips because I'm already eating chipotle, I can't really afford to eat chips on TOP of that...but I may need to from now on.

I was headed to the bathroom with her just as someone else was going in, I very nicely begged/asked her to let us go first as we were potty training. She was very nice about it even as I struggled to get her stroller undone with my very numb fingers (it is STUPID COLD still).  We went with success! And she had stayed dry the entire egg hunt!

We strategically placed ourselves right next to the bathroom for the next time.

A beautiful middle-aged woman approached and chatted with us for a bit. I saw her husband and told her I recognized him---she casually mentioned he was an actor.  We talked about the business, as she was an actor too.

They sat just behind us and so I had an entire lunch to figure out why I recognized him and it took me a good 20 minutes before it emerged----UGLY BETTY!

All throughout the meal Pickle was talking about poo-poo again--she calls #1 and #2 poo, so it was very likely she had to go #2.

As many people entered and exited the bathroom, she asked to go each time and I encouraged her to hold it.  Finally I thought she was really ready and the stream of users had not stopped, I asked the next woman if we could go in front of her as we were potty training.

She replied: Yeah, I heard you say that the first time.

I tried to be very nice and asked again if we could go and she rolled her eyes.  

Instead of letting her get my goat, I just decided to try the men's room.  Luckily it was unlocked and she unloaded a few pounds of poop right away.  I was proud of both of us for holding it in.

As we were leaving we got to talk to the actors again and left with such a favorable impression of a couple in hollywood.  They had two grown children and were so open-hearted and supportive of my decision to take a break from acting etc.  

On our way home Pickle was holding my hand walking down the subway steps when I heard a pop.  She cried and acted quite hurt.  I was torn between thinking she was just completely worn out or legitimately hurt.  After she woke up she was still not herself so we headed over to the pediatrician.

The nurse practitioner explained that she had nursemaid's elbow and massaged it back into place and gave us some advice about what to expect.

Unfortunately the next morning it still didn't seem healed and Pickle was just not herself.  We headed back to the doc and this time she REALLY jammed it back into place and Pickle was back to herself within minutes.  You learn something new EVERY DAY with this mother work.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

Happy Good Friday to ya'll.  I have been spring breaking it hard with Lolly and Pickle.  We have tried our hat (is that a phrase?) at VLOGGING this week and it's hard.  We are getting into a groove but it's a major commitment to shoot and edit a video in a day.

I do not think we will be daily vloggers, but vloggers a few days a week and on special events.  Frankly, I am a documenter so it's not that different from my normal routine, but it changes it a bit because we have to be mindful of our content and quality, but that's not hard with this crew.  We are HIGH QUALITY all the time! (ha!)

I have a few favorites from this week:

If you have been in blogland for a while (like me) then all of this is new to you.  Apparently you go to youtube and subscribe to someone's channel and then whenever they post you are notified.  I will not always post the vlogs here, only when I really especially like them or they take the place of a regular blog post. 

Right now, if I hit 600 subscribers in the next week or so, I am giving away 10 of my cd's to ten lucky subscriber!  That's all I have to offer!  An old Christmas CD! Ha!

So, if youtube and videos are your thing, come on by, if not, keep visiting me here!  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bite and Smile

We taught Sam all about the BITE AND SMILE in commercials. Pickle is too funny in the vid.

If you go to 4:43 you can see her and then a bonus cameo from Jason.  We had fun vlogging with Sam.  The girls want to start vlogging.  Lolly and I have given it a try this week.  We are not very good at it, but since it's spring break it is an activity we have been doing.  

We need a better camera and we need to figure out the magic formula so that it doesn't take an hour to edit at night.  It's an experiment for now.  As long as it contributes to a sustainable family and doesn't take away from it, I am ok with it.  I have a few evenings a week when Jason isn't around, so maybe twice a week we can edit a vlog.  Time will tell.

This is yesterday's in which we celebrated Lolly's birthday.  

The girls can SANG.  I had fun singing at my karaoke birthday party too.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


We had a giant meeting this past weekend called a STAKE CONFERENCE.  It was Jason's first as the Stake President and boy howdy it almost did him in.

It was a super sized stake conference as it was two stakes combined and it entailed creating a new stake.  Basically lots of changes that are all very exciting but very complicated on the leadership end.

Jason got so stressed out about it he needed a doctors appointment to get some muscle relaxers for his shoulder that was shooting pain and numbness down into his fingers.  The side effects added a whole new dimension to the man living with us.  I knew he didn't mean some of the things he said (or didn't say) during the past month and I was very supportive of all his crazy town.  I am glad he's back with us.

I kept myself busy preparing the youth chorus for their big musical number.  They sang it during the evening session on Saturday night and were so good, they did it again on Sunday morning.  I was so grateful because there were some kids who didn't know it was Saturday night (so didn't show up) and would have missed out if we hadn't done it again on Sunday.  

We worked very hard on staggering breathing and good diction.  They were all very focused and tried their best.

I thought Phoebe's hair was turning brown until I saw this video.  Still blonde.

As we were driving home Jason talked about how he would be visiting the new units we acquired in our stake next Sunday.  I reminded him it was Easter.  He reminded me they still don't have a Bishop. Guess who won?

I was disappointed because I wanted to go to Boston to see some folks run the marathon, but it being Easter weekend I decided not to go.  Jason did not have the same train of thought.  But I should have known because one year he wore his pajamas to Easter dinner which I thought was ridiculous.  That's when I started inviting guests each year.

So, Easter plans are up in the air.  And I'm trying to be okay with it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


9 LOOKS good on her!

We had a couple of hard years back in the beginning but I am so glad I stuck with her, because she is such a light and such a joy. We had an epic fail crazy day yesterday including her carefully picking out some little outfits and we just had to suddenly LEAVE them at the store and she was a total champ, took a GLASS HALF FULL point of view and carried on! LOVE.